Season's Greetings from CrossVerify
Season's Greetings
The Personal Digital Platform that Protects, Verifies, and Permissions access to your Personal Digital Identity


Control of your digital identity is always in your hands.


Our digital identity wallet is secured on the blockchain.


We biometrically authenticate your access and transactions.

The CrossVerify Mobile App

CrossVerify from DITN puts users back in control of their digital identity via a simple, intuitive and reliable mobile app. Combining mobile device hardware technology with our next-generation biometric software and the security of blockchain, CrossVerify not only empowers users, but provides completely secure access to all of their accounts for total peace-of-mind.

Identity – The New Digital Challenge

Download the new article by Richard Naimer, Executive Chairman of DITN.

The Digital Identity Trust Network

DITN are a forward-thinking transnational technology company operating in the fields of digital identity, security and fraud prevention for governments, companies and individual consumers alike.

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