Your Digital ID at your Fingertips

The CrossVerify app from DITN gives individuals complete control over the use and sharing of their digital identity. Using cutting-edge biometric ID verification software, CrossVerify allows users to access their accounts quickly and securely at any time and from anywhere.
Season's Greetings from CrossVerify
Season's Greetings

The Complete Identity Solution

Safeguard Accounts
CrossVerify from DITN provides next generation protection for all your accounts and important personal information.
Complete Control
The CrossVerify app gives you complete control over who can request your identity and when to authorise transactions.
You are the Key!
Using securely stored biometrics, you can rest assured that your accounts and information can only ever be accessed by you.

Next Generation Biometric Security

The CrossVerify app utilises market-leading biometric ID verification software, which provides complete security for your digital identity and allows secure access to your accounts in an instant. Using one or a combination of Facial, Fingerprint, Voice or Iris recognition verifications to confirm your identity, long and complicated passwords are now a thing of the past and complete peace of mind is guaranteed.

Realtime Access and Permissions

When accessing an account either online, over the phone or in person, CrossVerify works in realtime, requesting biometric verifcation via the app for immediate confirmation of your identity. Furthermore, with control of your identity in your hands, you can decide if and when to permission access to your details to new account providers making opening and securing new accounts a breeze.

Built on the Blockchain

CrossVerify stores your personal information, documents and biometrics safely on the Blockchain rather than a physical server. This provides both instant access and, combined with our Biometric verification software, total protection from fraud and identity theft.

All your Accounts
in One Place

CrossVerify is the only app you'll ever need to access your Crossverify secured accounts. In addition to ID verification, the app contains a complete record of your activity across all of your accounts, as well as personal information held by each account provider, so you know exactly who has access to what information at all times.

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